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I made a vlog!

I MADE A VLOG!  And I’m actually super scared to share it with you guys because its waaaaaay out of my comfort zone. But! Here it is! Check out my studio, watch me prepare for the shoot, photograph, model, and edit in this video!
I’m a super newbie with this, so constructive critisism is very welcome, but please be kind! I’m not used to talking in front of a camera.
For the non-dutchies: I’m sorry, but its all in dutch! I was super nervous and I didn’t want to do all of this ánd talk in english, but I’ll try the next time!
If I’m going to do more vlogs in the future, I’ll buy a better video camera. I taped most of this with my macbook camera so the quality isnt very high. And I will shorten the editing time for you guys, because its a bit long now  I hope you enjoy it!

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