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Once upon a time Princess Series

“once upon a time” is a series that shows the true beauty and graceness of girls. Every girl secretly wants to be a princess.

Mental Millenial about youth insecurities

Together with actor Jeroen Groothof Schröder I started a series of photos that shows the insecurities, self-doubts and the high standard of perfection of young adults. we show the painful truth the world doesn’t want to see, what millenials try to hide from the world, but what is actually still there.

Old Style New Vibe

Together with model Esmée I created a photo series called ‘Old Style New Vibe’ for a real estate agency.

This agency rents out old buildings in the city center of Amsterdam and decorates them with a modern interior. We brought this back in the series: Every photo has an old-fashioned vibe with a modern touch

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